Another new game for the Neo Geo is coming out

Knights Chance

The hyper expensive 90's console gets another new game, further extending the life of SNK's 25 year old arcade based Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment Syste

Hot on the heels of last month’s new 2D shooter, Razion that’s coming out for the legendary Neo Geo is yet another great looking homebrew release for the exclusive and hugely expensive 90’s arcade perfect home console.

The game in question is Knights Chance made by homebrew developers NeoBitz who have broken away from the norm and made a chance game based on Knights and wizards.

From what we can see the game itself is made up on various games where you play card and dice based games set in a medieval setting which is a definite breakaway from your usual fighting games and 2D shooters that have made this console famous by hardcore gamers all over the world.

The Neo Geo has always been exclusive and this game carries on the tradition. The custom made home cart is limited to 100 copies so this game will be highly sought after by collectors and is only going to go up in value, which is a good thing as it costs $499 to buy right now if you’re lucky enough to get hold of a copy.

Check it out for yourself below.

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