New potential for Oculus VR gaming beyond self-immersing first person action

The applications for Oculus Rift virtual reality are clear in games that stay strictly first person. Racers, flight sims and FPS games all have immediate Oculus coolness by design, but what of third person action games? Are these to be left out as VR slowly creeps up on gaming?

Thanks to the endeavours of a group of illustrious boffins in a recent Youtube video it appears the answer is no.

With the use of two GoPro cameras an analogue controller stick, an Oculus Rift and a rather unweildy pole in a backpack the team at  have found a way to let Oculus show a third person viewpoint of your head.

Shown below the video details how Oculus Rift could be adapted to let you play a game with the camera behind you. While the visual results at the moment are more top down than true third person you can get an idea of how Oculus could be used to play (as yourself) in a third person augmented reality.

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