HITC Revisit's 'Another World'

Another World

HITC Looks back over the cult classic 'Another World' from Delphine Software

With the announcement of Another World 20th anniversary edition being released for Xbox One, and I being a former rotoscope artist.I thought it would be a good time to revisit one of the greatest games ever made, (In my opinion).

Another World was originally released back in 1991 and had been in development for two years. The creator Eric Chahi had been given free reign by Delphine Software after the success of 'Future Wars' (a point and click adventure). With this free reign Chahi went on to develop his own game.

Future Wars


Chahi wanted to create a Sci-Fi game that drew on inspiration from two of his favourite titles, 'Karateka' and 'Impossible Mission'. Chahi was also impressed with the visuals that were achieved on the Amiga after being exposed to a game called 'Dragons Lair'. The visuals that were being achieved on LazerDisk could now be reproduced on the Amiga's floppy disk but with the sacrifice on memory consumption. Chahi overcame this issue by using vector lines. A process which he called 'Educational Improvisation' 

Chahi rotoscoped animation’s based on the filming of himself performing small tasks. This gave the 16bit game a refreshing look and unique style. Modern games can now boast of techniques such as motion capture, but at the time of the game’s release, the rotoscoped technique had given the user a game that was not only fun to play, but also visually stunning.

Another World Lazer Normal


Another World Lazer

From the moment the game starts the player is greeted with a Ferrari sliding into frame and a mysterious figure exiting the car. The mysterious figure then goes through a routine of hi tech security checks, and it is through this segment of animation that we are introduced to the character. These details immersed the user into a cinematic experience, an experience that was no longer about high scores, but a game of journey and emotion.

Check out a piece of gaming history:

 Another World returns to PS4

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