The Weird World of Motorsport (July 4)

Brad Keselowski

A wry look at some of the stranger tales from the world of motorsport.

This week we bring you news of Adrian Sutil’s first kiss, David Coulthard’s pop-up hotel and a grand prix gig for JLo. But we start with…

Brad's Battle Scars

It's hardly a secret that motor racing can be dangerous. But once a driver steps from their car they are generally pretty safe - right?

Not so for NASCAR ace Brad Keselowski. After his win at Kentucky Speedway, the 2012 Sprint Cup champion somehow managed to cut his hand on a champagne bottle. Blood proceeded to flow and he was whisked to the medical centre. After receiving stitches (and a clean race suit) he returned to victory lane to continue the celebrations.

"I did the typical guy thing," Keselowski recalled later. "'It's not that bad, it's not that bad', and I shook it a couple times and there was blood flying everywhere. I thought, this is pretty bad. And then I started kind of walking through my mind, is this for real. There really wasn't a much more intelligent thought than that."

Well, it is NASCAR.

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JLo Grand Prix

Jennifer Lopez has packed a lot into her career. A successful singer and professional celebrity, she even found time to star in Gigli, frequently listed as one of the worst films ever made.

But don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got - she’s still (she’s still) Jenny from the block, and she’ll be performing at this year’s Singapore Grand Prix after-party. JLo will be joined by UFO-hunter Robbie Williams and hip young fifty-somethings the Pet Shop Boys in a line up that is best described as ‘expensive’.

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Too much info, Adrian

Thought Adrian Sutil was to grand prix racing what grey is to a rainbow? Think again. Speaking to the official F1 website, the Sauber driver revealed that his childhood heroes were Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger - two men known for their all-action approach to life. Or films, anyway.

Of course that's all well and good, but what about his first kiss? We’d better find out about that too, for some reason. Presumably turning a bright shade of red, Adrian reveals:

“My first kiss ever was not so romantic, but then a few romantic ones followed.”

A great piece of grand prix trivia if ever there was one.

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Coulthard's hotel hiccup

Former F1 star David Coulthard's hotel is in a spot of bother for calling itself the “Glasgow Commonwealth Games Hotel”. Which apparently it isn't.

Coulthard, from Twynholm in Scotland, is president of pop-up hotel company Snoozebox. During the upcoming games, they'll charge up to £250 for temporary rooms in shipping containers. These include a living area, bed, shower and toilet, which seems generous for a gigantic steel crate.

But only official sponsors can use the Commonwealth Games' name and corporate identity. The organisers have now said they'll step in if Snoozebox continue to do so without permission.

“If they believe we are doing something wrong, we will look to changing it," said a Snoozebox spokesperson. "But we are not aware we have breached any trademarks or regulations."

And if a change is required there are plenty of alternatives. DC's Dwellings or Coulthard's Cubby Hole, for example.

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