Ten contenders for best game of 2014 so far

We reflect on the best games in the first half of 2014 with reference to some of the titles that get the HITC seal of approval

The summer slow-down is upon us and the calm before the storm of the ‘golden quarter’gives us a pause to stop and digest what’s come along this year so far. Looking back at games we were touting at the start of 2014 and there’s sadly been a fair few delays to upset games-land but also along the way there’s been some pleasant surprises.

Titanfall Beta

.'Xbox go to Titanfall'


For the competing trio of big name 8th gen consoles there’s been an exclusive game apiece to shout about. Titanfall’s mech shooting, clever AI action kept Xbox gamers going while InFamous: Second Son scored big on PS4. Perhaps the biggest no brainer for a list of best games so far would be Mario Kart 8 which arriving timeously before E3 set up Nintendo's reveal of upcoming WIi U exclusives perfectly.

Mario Kart 8

You can see a pre-emptive Luigi Death Stare in this screenshot


Wolfenstein: The New Order was surprisingly good with its well drawn characters and moving story moments and with Watch_Dogs following Wolfenstein a week later we’re more inclined to say Wolfenstein is the more enduring game, indeed there's plenty of commentators sating Watch_Dogs was over-hyped although Ubisoft.s hacking fest can at times bring out your inner ninja.


Wolfenstein The New Order screen 4

Wolfenstein has some stupidly big guns


Ubisoft, following other avenues have brought some smaller games with their UbiArt Framework engine that have impressed; Rayman Legends stands out as one of the best selling games this year and the recent release Valiant Hearts is full of character and charm. We also loved Child of Light not just for the vivacity of the game-world but also as a game that attempted to do something different.

Child of Light screen 3

Child of Light, winner of most over-animated hair 2014


While you have HD reboots for old games like Strider trying to pinch the nostalgia sale there’s also games paying homage to the old school with new surprising twists to keep things fresh. The recently released Shovel Knight has many touting it as one of the best games so far this year.

Dark Souls 2 Cover

Throw caution to the wind and you will die!


If we were pushed to call out a single best game so far we’d have to plump for Dark Souls II. Objectively speaking it’s amongst the top sellers this year and it’s racked up the most play hours from us. Subjectively speaking the gloriously visceral action and merciless gameplay are something very distinctive that makes you feel like a true champ when you master the game.

What are your thoughts? What’s the game you’ve enjoyed most so far this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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