Plasma TVs soon to be a thing of the past?

Samsung Plasma TV

Samsung has announced they will cease all production of plasma TVs in favour of ultra high definition.

The South Korean company has said that by the end of November no more plasma screen televisions will be rolling off their production line.

With the interest and popularity of 4K UHD and curved displays steadily growing Samsung has taken the decision to pile all of its eggs into that basket.

Plasma TVs have quickly become an outdated technology since their introduction in 1995 by Fuji. They were popular up until around 2006 when LCDs began to supersede them and gain more market share.

Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi and Pioneer have already relegated plasma to the scrap heap, whilst it's widely believed LG will soon be following suit.

Unfortunately for plasma displays they just don't fit it in with modern society any longer. Making a UHD plasma display is considerably more difficult than making an LCD UHD screen.

Their size has also been an issue. Today we all want the thinnest most stylish TV possible and plasma displays offer nowhere near the same thinness that you can get in an LCD.

TrustedReviews website editor Evan Kypreos told the BBC that whilst plasma does have some advantages over LCD, its drawback made it not less worthwhile to pursue.

"While plasma is a lot better than LED/LCD TVs in terms of image quality, such as contrast ratio, and motion handling, it has a few drawbacks. Plasma TVs can't be made a thin as LEDs, for example. People like stylish tellies.

"With the introduction of increasingly advanced organic LED TVs, which arguably have better black levels, brightness and colour gamut than plasmas, there was little reason to continue manufacturing plasma screens.

"Home-cinema connoisseurs will always have a soft spot for plasmas, but they have simply been technologically superseded."

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