PlayStation Plus free games for PS4 - Strider reboot and more!


Available now for free to PS Plus members on PS4 is Towerfall Ascension, Strider and Doki Doi Universe

There’s three new free games for PS4 this month on PlayStation Plus. In addition to the 2 monthly games promised by Sony comes Doki Doki Universe available across PS4, PS3 and Vita.The games detailed below are all now available for PS Plus members to download for free from the UK PSN Store.

Towerfall Ascension

An indie success originating on the Ouya console Towerfall Ascension made its way to PS4 earlier in the year. A modern take on old school 2D battlegames this game makes for some particularly heated arrow slinging multiplayer battles and comes to PS4 with a multiplayer co-op quest mode..




A much loved arcade classic revamped for the latest generation Strider was a massive early hit for Capcom and lasts as a leading example of 2D scrolling cyber-ninja platforming and sword play.



Doki Doki Universe

Up for something a bit more light hearted? In Doki Doki universe you play the part of robot called QT3 attempting to prove it can exhibit human traits to an Alien called Jeff. Delivered in a vibrant hand-drawn style the game plays out like one big interactive personality test.


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