Arcade classic Q Bert to make a comeback on Steam

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The quest to resurrect retro games continues with an iconic isometric puzzler from 1982

Originating in 1982 Q Bert with his grawlix language is amongst the best known 1980s coin-op games characters. The game got multiple ports to home consoles, numerous merchandising and its own TV show.

Q Bert makes a return to Steam on July 8th bringing back the hectic isometric block jumping fun with a complimentary little twist to make it more now.

“There are plenty of good new games out there, but there is a certain nostalgic affection for and plenty of playability in some of the old classic games,” commented Jamie Ottillie, of devs Galaxy Pet Control. ”Robert van Gool, the president and CEO of Gonzo Games, and I got together a couple of years ago and realized we had a shared vision of bringing one of the best of these – Q*bert – to today’s most popular platforms and introduce it to a new generation of gamers. We have a chance to pay homage to the original title while expanding it in some new directions.”

Qbert Rebooted


As such the new Q Bert will be coming as two versions; Q Bert Classic will stay true to the jagged 2D pixel art goodness of the original while Q Bert Rebooted gives you a 3D perspective on the game with hexagonal blocks instead of squares and introduces new enemies, characters, power-ups, traps and gem collecting.

Q Bert will be hopping onto Steam for PC first with versions for tablet and mobile to follow

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