Will The Last of Us be the best game two years running?

The Last Of Us Remastered

Held in some gaming circles as the best game of 2013, we ask if TLOU PS4 port will have a similar impact this year and if not what’s going to best it

A long list of awards, torrents of gamer praise and a overworked team of devs at Naughty Dog all combine to bring The Last of Us to PS4 this month with a general feeling that gamers who’ve already played through TLOU on PS3 are happy to purchase the game again on PS4. For a game that is entirely the same save for the rigorous upgrades to 1080p and 60fps etc, it’s a rarity for a straight port to cause such a stir and convince people that paying out again is perfectly acceptable.

Compared to what’s already come to PS4, despite being an old game TLOU currently does look like one of the best games to come to the console this year so far, certainly so in terms of cinematic action adventures. Indeed the success of TLOU not only has games companies hoping for similar success with their big AAA action games but also seems to have imparted a lasting influence on how games tell a story. We noticed playing the latest Wolfenstein for instance that the treatment of characters and more heart-felt sequences seemed to show how games like TLOU have moved things along.

Arguably the most over-hyped game of the year Watch_Dogs has just had its brief moment in the lime-light and although it had some ‘next gen’ tricks up its sleeve it has failed to leave the same impression TLOU already left on PS3.

Looking back over the PS4 charts specifically, games the likes of Infamous: Second Son while still going strong have failed to keep a foothold at the top and with new games coming in the charts are subject to persistent number one reshuffles as new games come and go and FIFA 14 and COD: Ghosts, both games from last year, still haunt the top spot against new, more shiny arrivals.. Will TLOU enjoy a long stint at the number one slot? Of course we’re talking PS4 only here but for the console alone it stands a good chance.

What else has come already that’s caused a stir across the platforms? Ubisoft’s platformer Rayman Legends, From Software’s RPG Dark Souls II and the Wii U only Mario Kart 8 have sold best this year. Titanfall is showing off what Xbox can do but is it really game of the year material? You can ask similar of Infamous.

There is of course plenty more on the cards, if you follow the E3 critics choice then Evolve looks like it might have game of the year in the bag, Destiny is also posturing  for new ways to play multiplayer shooters like Evolve. Also yet to come are: Assassin's Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield: Hardline, The Evil Within and Driveclub and while all these games have their relative merits it's still to be shown if any of them will compete with the well crafted single player story that made TLOU so loved.

What are your thoughts? Do you think we’ll have to wait until 2015 for the next really great action adventure game? Are there games still to come this year that will have a high enough pedigree to compete with the TLOU?

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