New Dota 2 update brings a wealth of new content for Compendium owners

Dota 2 Overflowing Compendium Update

The latest update for Valve’s record-breaking MOBA adds many stretch goal rewards for players who’ve purchased the International 2014 Compendium.

The latest update for Valve's Free to Play MOBA, Dota 2, brings a bunch of the stretch goal rewards unlocked earlier last month from the International 2014 Compendium purchases. The Compendium is kind of like a companion guide to the tournament, as well as featuring loads of rewards for players who purchase it and adding a portion of the money from purchases to the prize pool of the event too.

In the update came a new ‘Pudgling’ courier, chat emoticons, in-game weather effects and more. Another addition is the ‘Live Rewind’ feature, which allows you to pause and rewind live matches whilst spectating – so this year’s tournament won’t be spoiled when you need to nip to the loo, or stick the kettle on. Brilliant!

The full list of added rewards and fixes are below, as per the official update pages here and here:


Compendium Reward Released: Mini-Pudge Courier and Level 50 Alternate Style

Compendium Reward Released: Chat Emoticons

Compendium Reward Released: Weather Effects (equip-able in the Global loadout)

Compendium Reward Released: Alternate Styles for Lt. Squawkins


Added Live Rewind feature for spectators

Gold border added to top bar if a teammate can buyback when dead

Placing your cursor over an Ultimate diamond in the top bar will show you it's cooldown.

Fixed a bug where the buyback toast would get stuck on.



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