Newly funded Kickstarter cat sim lets you play as a destructive cat

Catlateral Damage Logo 1

Catlateral Damage has reached its Kickstarter campaign goal and is now setting its sights on the stretch goals.

In a game where you play as a cat that’s sole purpose is to knock everything its owner possesses onto the floor, my girlfriend and I can attest to the ‘realism’ of the game; we own four cats, yes, four, judge as you will. But, the fact that my cats make it their daily goal to knock anything and everything we own onto the floor is proof that Catlateral Damage has real elements of ‘simulator’ surrounding it.

The game has been developed by Chris Chung, an indie developer based in the US. There are still 10 days left on the KickStarter campaign, so if you like the look of the game and want to contribute towards its stretch goals you can head to the campaign page.

The stretch goals include new Supermarket and Museum bonus levels, Steam Workshop support and even a version for the PS4 if it reaches $100,000 in funding. There’s a playable demo over the game over on its official website too.

Take a look at the project trailer below and let us know what you think.

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