Among the Sleep Gameplay

Among The Sleep

Among the Sleep is a first-person horror game designed by Krillbite Studio, it is played in the mind and body of a 2 year old and set in a nightmare.

If you haven't heard of Among the Sleep yet, its a horror game set in the surreal imagination of a 2 year old child. But is it just imagination? Dark forces from a different realm of existence haunt this child's mind and come to life through dreams. The forces, which may appear to be constructs only of the mind, pose more threat to you than you think. As a 2 year old child you are left vulnerable to the sinister hostile forces that lurk within the confines of your imagination, breaching the very foundation of part of your reality.

Your beloved teddy bear is your only ally as you plunge through a state of conscious sleep in a world somewhere between dreams and reality. The imagination is limitless, but the ability to distinguish the difference between reality and imagination will be difficult for this young child.

Here is some non-commentary gameplay from Alzu Gaming.

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