Upcoming games for Xbox - July 2014: Saints Row 4 returns with all DLC

Saints Row 4

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles have a fair few game releases due next month, and we’ve got them listed right here for you.

Just been paid? Got some money to burn? Well, we’ve listed all the releases for the Xbox consoles next month, along with some trailers to help you decide what’s worth buying. There's fast cars, dubstep guns, Mexican wrestlers and more - Enjoy!

Xbox 360 only

Tropico 5 – 24 July UK

Ever fancied yourself a city planner and supreme ruler? Well, in Tropico 5 you can take on both of those roles and develop your nation from the colonial era all the way beyond the 21st Century. For the first time in the Tropico series you can work together in co-op, or go head to head in multiplayer too.

Saints Row IV National Treasure Edition – 8 July

Including all released downloadable content packs, featuring added missions, superpowers, weapons and more, Saints Row IV National Treasure Edition is a must buy if you want all your content in one neat little package. Cue a ridiculous story, insane characters, and a dubstep gun. Brilliant!

Far Cry Compilation – 1 July

Open-world evironments, a huge arsenal of weaponry, and dragons… yes, this compilation combines Far Cary 2, 3, and Blood Dragon all in one box. If you’ve never played the Far Cry games then this is a must buy, and if you’re a fan of over the top 80s cheese action, Blood Dragon will put you in your element.


Xbox One

Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year – 22 July

Announced on IGN earlier this month, Forza 5: Racing Game of the Year will include 17 next-gen tracks and the Top Gear car pack. So, if you haven’t picked up Forza 5 yet, perhaps this month could be the perfect time as it’s included a bunch of extra content.


Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Destiny Beta

It’s not totally clear when this will be available for Xbox owners, but we’ll keep an eye out as it’s confirmed to be sometime in July. 

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition – 2 July

An action platformer, Guacamelee! was first released on PS3 and Vita last year. The Super Turbo Championshop Edition includes an expanded main story with new powers, enemies and bosses. Remember, this is free for all Xbox One gold members in July, so don’ forget to pick your free copy up when it’s released.


And there's your releases for next month. We'll keep you updated if any others creep in, but July looks to be the month for compilations and extended editions of previously released games. That's not bad, but we'd love to see some more 'new' releases. Let us know your thoughts on next month's games in the comments below.

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