An indie developer has created an authentic-looking He-Man arcade-style game, which is sure to take you back to your youth.

As reported by Kotaku yesterday, a He-Man arcade game has been created by user ‘bWWd’ over on Game Jolt. The game looks an sounds exactly like the old cartoon, and the attention to detail is remarkable. One commenter did mention however, “you do know that something called ‘copyright’ exists?”

The game demo can be downloaded over on the Game Jolt page, and includes plenty of content, but it’s hard to imagine it’ll be up there for long, as pointed out in the comment and over on Kotaku, it’s in breach of many a copyright law.

Take a look at some of the in-game footage from the ‘bWWd’ YouTube channel below, and wallow in the intense nostalgia. He’s even included Lion-O from the ThunderCats in there!


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