PS2 classics we would love to see return in high definition - Part One

Turok Evolution

A small series of video-games on the PS2 we would like to see in HD. Starting with Turok Evolution, Star Wars Battlefront I and II and The Sims 2.

Over the past few years we have seen several Classic HD remakes such as; the Tomb Raider Trilogy; Ratchet and Clank Trilogy; Jak and Daxter trilogy; Metal Gear Solid; Final Fantasy - and even Doom HD remakes which have been absolutely incredible to re-experience in high definition. In the gaming world, new games are incredibly exciting, but being able to re-experience the best games of a previous and very nostalgic generation is something everybody enjoys to do.

Here are some games we would love to see join the list of HD remakes:

Turok Evolution
Where to begin? You're playing as some bad-ass time travelling Native american warrior, with a devastating arsenal of weaponry. And not only are you up against dinosaurs, but also alien-like reptilian humanoids.Turok is not an easy game, but the challenge and gameplay really defines why it needs a remake. The latest Turok game didn't quite deliver the incredible experience of the previous titles - Evolution however, is one of the best shooter games on the PlayStation 2. Why not re-create that experience in HD? Plus, it has an awesome split-screen competitive mode with potential for strong online multiplayer.

Turok Evolution Trailer:

Star Wars: Battlefront & Star Wars: Battlefront II
From the icy wastes of Hoth, to the warm sands of Geonosis, from the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War, Star Wars Battlefront has it all - or at least almost everything lovable from the Star Wars saga. Star Wars: Battlefront is one of the best selling Star Wars franchises for a very precise reason, its the best Star Wars game out there. As most of you should be aware, E3 2014 has confirmed that the new Star Wars: Battlefront is now under development and DICE have given us a sneak peak at some early footage of the game. It's predecessor, Star Wars: Battlefront II, is one of the greatest games on the PlayStation 2, and to re-experience this in HD would be a delight for many gamers who enjoyed it. The original Star Wars: Battlefront is equally as enjoyable, and although only two games would be contrary in style to the trilogies featured in the "Classic HD" collections, they would definitely be worth creating. Perhaps this is something DICE can consider after the release of the new Star Wars: Battlefront. 

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer:

The Sims 2, The Sims 2 Pets & The Sims 2 Castaway.
The Sims 2 had the ability to manually control your Sim - unfortunately we missed this feature in The Sims 3, and with Sims 4 on the way, its questionable as to whether or not the feature will return. Why that feature was removed in the first place is beyond explanation. Nevertheless, The Sims 2 and its sub-titles were very enjoyable to play - Castaway being the most unique experience out of them. Whether nostalgia has any influence or not, these Sims games should definitely make a comeback. Castaway is one of the most enjoyable sim games to date, and if the others don't make it, then this game is definitely worth remastering.

Sims 2: Castaway Trailer:

Timesplitters 1, 2, & Future Perfect

Timesplitters is without question one of the best first person shooter franchises to date and its not hard for anyone who has played it to quickly fall in love. It's a franchise that crushes most modern first person shooters such as Halo and Call of Duty, in terms of content and enjoyment. Timesplitters offers the perfect combination of humour, fun, challenge and variation. Even easy, normal and hard difficulty modes in single player have completely new and more challenging objectives, reshaping the levels. It also features the ability to create your own maps. The two most critically acclaimed and most positively renowned titles are Timesplitters 2 and Timesplitters Future Perfect, so we'd love to see one of those remade at least.

Timesplitters 2 Trailer:

Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas.
Yeah, GTA V is out and is coming to next gen and PC, which is fun and all for those who love Grand Theft Auto, however a dive back into the classics would be worthwhile. I mean, who wouldn't want to delve back into 1980s Miami, with not only the iconic cars to enjoy but also the incredible music? Or to return on a trek around the Mojave and Nevada deserts, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles? We know that Rockstar have plans to bring Liberty City to Grand Theft Auto V in the future, but it would still be very awesome to see a HD trilogy of these incredible titles to enjoy on next gen. Rockstar have their hands pre-occupied at the moment, so we can only dream for now - plus Grand Theft Auto V certainly isn't lacking in content to keep us busy.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Trailer:



Are there any PS2 games not on the list that you would like to see remade in HD?

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