Team Fortress 2 update brings weaponized bread

Team Fortress 2 Love And War Update Day 2 Screen

Day two of Valve’s Team Fortress 2 Love and War update shows off some new weapons, and a new movie short.

A couple of days ago Team Fortress 2 brought us a new 15 minute short movie, which also announced the Love and War update. Included in day one’s update were some new taunts, and the day two update brings weapons, lovely, shiny, new weapons.

The new weapons include a shotgun that minicrits close range enemies when firing at their back, and a sniper rifle that allows you to charge your shots whether you’re zoomed in or not. Oh yeah, and there are some bread-themed items you can obtain from a craftable breadbox.

Take a look at the video below which shows off some weaponized bread fists and then head on over to the update page to check out the full details. And if you’re a little confused by all the mutant bread references, then check out the 15 minute short movie from day one as well.




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