Forest Green Rovers fans comment on Hockaday to Leeds: 'Hats off to him'

Forest Green Rovers supporters give their range of views on Leeds United's pending new manager David Hockaday.

According to numerous sources, including the Yorkshire Evening Post, former Forest Green Rovers manager David Hockaday is on the verge of becoming the new head coach at Leeds United. 

The news hasn't gone down particularly well in Yorkshire with many fans questioning Cellino's reasoning behind the pending appointment, but the coaching background of Hockaday, as well as his interview techniques, seems to have got him the high-profile job at Elland Road. 

Nevertheless, the Leeds United supporters, quite rightfully, are worried about what message the appointment sends out and why he was able to get on to the managerial short list in the first place. Although, if the reports regarding Dolan were in fact true, Hockaday may not have been the Italian's first choice anyway. 

The interest in Hockaday from day one has perplexed Forest Green Rovers supporters to why Leeds United would be interested in their failed former manager. However, some supporters argued that it may not be the worst appointment after all and wished him the best for the future. 

We've taken a look at the comments on from the news breaking over Leeds' interest in him, right up to the news that he is set to become the new Leeds United Head Coach.

31st May, onwards:

''DH is favorite for the Leeds United job. Hahaha''

''Gasted and flabbered don't come close. I can honestly see hell freezing over before this happens.''

''He did always have the Gift of the Gab."

''I'm buggered! It's June 1st tomorrow, not first April.''

''It's certainly going to put DH in the spotlight if he gets that job, and unless he's learnt and altered his management style drastically from his time here it wont be long before he comes under massive pressure. Leeds fans wont be as patient as our fans were, that's for sure.''

''When you actually look at the long list of potential managers suggested, they are the usual names that come up for every top flight job eg West Brom, Norwich etc. so not unusual there, but why DH suddenly on this list? Perhaps someone who now works for Leeds saw the good work DH actually did at youth + academy level and is suggesting him on the strength of that. He has good coaching credentials + that cannot be argued with. + they may see 4 years as FGR manager as a good training ground!''

''Certainly an interesting development. Maybe Leeds want to start from the youth end in developing their team and DH will be good at that. Whether he has the all round managerial skills to manage successfully at League 2 or Championship level I don't know but he was better than most on here thought IMO and I hope that he gets the job.''

''Interesting. And surprising. But. He has a plan which didn't work out here. The main problem was ball retention. Too many mistakes from our players with the greatest of respect to them. A championship squad would be a different proposition. No doubt David has learnt a lot from his first managerial position. Good luck. Leeds or no Leeds.''

''Hopefully DH will go on to achieving bigger and better things, and in doing so, will cause a few people on here to eat their words.''

''May God have mercy on Leeds fans. Cellino is obviously after a puppet but this is such an insane move that the only hope for Leeds is that it is so bad, it's actually gone full circle and is good. On the other hand he could end up strung up from the statue of Billy Bremner outside Elland Road within weeks. Leeds fans not exactly noted for their patience and tolerance.''

''He'll need to have learned from the mistakes he made here if he's got any chance of keeping that job until Christmas, Leeds fans wont be patient and nor will Cellino looking at his track record with managers. The problem is i'm not sure if DH actually realises where he went wrong, he certainly didn't seem to learn or change his approach during his time here.''

''Same old ... 4-3-3, sign 10 strikers on long contracts and inflated wages and finish 10th.''

''Well if he gets the job, hats off to him. Well done sir, a job most football fans could only dream of being good enough to do (or even be considered for). I wouldn't be surprised if at this level he can get the players to do what we wanted non-league (arguably) players to do... but there again I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't work out as well. Obviously ultimately 99.999% of football managers fail as 99.999% seem to get the sack.''

''Leeds will expect nothing less than promotion next season. Potentially the biggest club outside the Premier League.''

''Well, if he gets the job, I wish him every success. As you know, I thought he was better than most on here thought and it seems that now another chairman after TH has been won over. Leeds manager is a tough job for lots of reasons but I think DH has the personality to cope with the early pressure and he might just get results. The Leeds result will be one of the first I will look for every Saturday if he gets it. Good luck to him even if, as is the average with managers, he only lasts 18 months.''

''To any Leeds fans that potentially might look on here all I can say is hard luck. Been watching FGR about 15 years and he is the worst manager I can remember us having. Got us relegated once and almost done it a 2nd time the season after. Fair play to him he must have an unbelievable agent''

''I understand the chairman is signing players and picking the team and just needs a coach to coach.''

''DH coached Watford to the Premier League, so this appointment maybe left field but DH ticks the boxes for what the chairman wants,''

''I am pretty much of the same opinion as man of Kent. I could see what DH was trying to achieve but with the greatest of respect to the squad, championship tactics need championship standard players. Constantly giving the ball away leading to dangerous and expensive counter attacks did not work. It may well work at Leeds. Good luck DH. If it happens tomorrow.''

Although the shock of the appointment is still felt universally, it does seem that, given the comments, Hockaday may be misunderstood and could end up becoming a good appointment by Massimo Cellino.

The general consensus seems to be the coaching provided by David Hockaday was to a very high standard, but the players he was coaching were not which, if that was the case, does Leeds fans some optimistic over their new appointment. 

An example of this management structure working very well in the Championship is Derby County. The Rams sacked manager Nigel Clough in late September after falling to 14th in the league table and replaced him with a head coach in Steve McClaren. Derby, under McClaren's tenure, were statistically the second best team in the division but due to their slow start finished third in the league and lost the play-off final. Nevertheless, the management structure change at the iPro has been deemed very successful. However, it has to be said, there is still a big difference between Steve McClaren's and David Hockaday's CV. 

The 56-year-old has it all to prove to the Leeds United faithful and the expectation has to be, for him, to hit the ground the ground running when the season starts. Otherwise, the former Southampton coach will be lucky to see Christmas in the same job role. 

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