New Team Fortress 2 movie short and update details

Team Fortress 2 Expiration Date Title

Valve have released a new 15 minute long TF2 short called ‘Expiration Date’ and given details on the latest update.

The new 15 minute short movie from Valve reveals a disturbing discovery about the teleporters the team have been using for so long. This then causes Scout to request the help of Spy, in order to learn how to seduce women and hilarity ensues. Watch the video below, you’ll see what I mean, and then ask yourself why Valve haven’t made a full feature movie for TF2 – it would be brilliant, I’m sure.

Valve also revealed the latest TF2 update details, which includes some new taunts that you can see in the movie above, including; conga dancing, flipping, and the skull cracker. Some new achievements have been added too. Head on over to the ‘Love and War’ page to see more.




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