Since the news of Rik Mayall’s death last week, a YouTube video compilation has been put together showing some of the adverts the actor did for Nintendo.

After hearing of actor Rik Mayall’s death at the age of 56 last week, the UK and the world has been in mourning. Rik of The Young Ones and Bottom fame, was best known for his boisterous and alternative style of comedy. Rik’s wife, Barbara Robbin, confirmed he had died of “an acute cardiac event,” after going for a morning run, as stated on The Independent’s website.

Just on a personal note here, I’ve been a fan of Rik since I was but a lad – watching a sitcom like Bottom as an 8-year old is one of the greatest memories I have, obviously it wasn’t for the eyes or ears of a child, but I loved it – Mum and Dad, thanks for letting me grow up watching a comedy genius at work.

Now, in tribute to the man himself, YouTuber user ‘Applemask’ has posted up a video showing some of the adverts Rik did for Nintendo back in the 90s – and they’re brilliant. I don’t really remember these ads, although I do vaguely recall seeing the Zelda one. So, in homage to Rik, take a look at the video below and tell me that all game/console adverts shouldn’t be like this! Enjoy.

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