Over 250 new Emojis to be released by Unicode


Unicode has announced that they are to release 250 new emojis - including a fist with a raised middle finger!

More than 250 Emoji symbols are set to be released by Unicode after they announced Unicode 7.0. Unicode consortium is the organisation that regulates how text appears across different technological platforms.

Probably the pick of the bunch will the middle finger emoji that will be sure to bring some fire and controversy to your texting conversations.

The new emojis do not just include insults; there will be something for everyone. Other new symbols include a chipmunk and dove, more weather symbols like a thermometer and tornado, and other more unusual symbols like the Vulcan salute from Star Trek.

Unicode's drawings of the emojis have not yet been released but text descriptions can be found on their website. The styles drawn by Unicode themselves are simple black and white guideline drawing for the device manufacturers, who can then alter and colour them as they see fit.

The style and look of an Emoji differs on every single smartphone and tablet brand, so a simple thumbs up symbol on a Samsung phone will not look the same as the same symbol on an Apple iPhone.

When the Emojis are eventually released they will be available on all Android, Apple and Windows 8 devices, also applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp will be able to use the new symbols.