Little Big Planet 3: New Features Revealed!


Sackboy has made a return on the PS4 and this time he has some interesting new friends. Little Big Planet 3 has been confirmed at E3 2014.

You may have played Little Big Planet 1 & 2, and if you enjoyed them then you are going to absolutely love Little Big Planet 3. There are a few features that particularly stand out in the announcement trailer so lets get into the details.

Sackboy is no longer the only playable character this time, 3 new characters will be accompanying Sackboy. Toggle is one of the new characters, its the biggest and strongest, or the smallest and you can toggle between big and small, hence the name. Toggle seems to look unable to swim, when he is large he sinks to the bottom of the water and when he is small he is so light he can practically walk on the water's surface. Oddsock has a rather obscure name, but this quadrupedal character is the fastest, well at least on land, this 4-legged dog-like character can also wall jump as revealed in the trailer and can use speed to overcome certain puzzles. Then lastly there is Swoop who is a bird character, this character can get to areas where the other characters can't with flying abilities. 

Sackboy of course hasn't been left out, he now has brand new abilities such as climbing and many new power-ups and tools including a gun that can emit an air current called the "Pumpinator"; another tool called the "pushinator" has been revealed. You will actually have the ability to edit the statistics of each characters in create mode for your own levels and change their aspects and abilities, if you want sackboy to move faster, jump higher, perhaps even fly, you will be able to do this.

There is now also much more depth, the 3 layer 2D players were restricted to using (unless when using the 3D glitches) have now been removed and replaced with a much larger depth for creation. The side-scroller style camera has also been altered, there are new variations such as a front third person and first person camera. The amount of layers you can work with has exceeded quadruple the amount you have previously been able to work with, instead of just 3 you will now be able to utilize 16 layers!

Whoops, forgot to mention, lots of new power-us sounds great but doesn't light a candle in comparison to LBP's revolutionary new feature, you are now able to create your own power-ups! The power-ups showcased in the live demo and trailer were designed with the same features you will have to design your own hand-held weapon or tool. Sounds pretty awesome! 

Its never been a game for the main story mode, the really fantastic content comes from the community, the player made levels usually far exceed the story ones in terms of content, detail, story and creativity and that is the focus of this game, creation. Its a very player built game and create mode is certainly going to be a lot of fun to play around with when we have all of the new features to manipulate. Oh, and of course, we can't forget that Stephen Fry will also be making a return so we won't be missing his brilliant vocal tutorials. Why not check out the Live Stage Demo which you can find below.

The game will debut on the PS4 but the developers also have plans to bring this to the PS3 too so if you are worried that it is next-gen exclusive, don't be. We have given you an overview of the confirmed features, but we are missing one thing, your input. So what is your take? What do you think about LBP3? Are you excited?

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