Video: GTA V trailer shows Commodore 64 version


Ever imagined what GTA V looks like on Commodore 64?

Rockstar’s hit open-world crime sim GTA V has been recreated for Commodore 64 in a recent Youtube video. Posted by Hungarian animator Balazs Kalocsai the original trailer GTA V trailer from 2011 has been given an 8 bit retreatment showing off the cracking sound and graphics the Commodore 64 version brought to the game.

“Check out this impressive demo of the C64 version GTA V (released in 1990) we recently found on a tape lying around,” reads the description for the video.

So you can compare and contrast here’s the original 2011 GTA V trailer from Rockstar.



And here’s how it looks on Commodore 64



It’s clear that even back in the 90s Rockstar were working to push the limitations of the current generation.

If you like Kalocsai’s work check out his YouTube channel MajamiHiroz.. We leave you with a Commodore 64 gameplay trailer from the recent Ubisoft hit hacking action adventure Watch_Dogs


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