No Man's Sky, Most Anticipated Indie Game of E3!

No Man's Sky

Every planet procedural, every panet unique, every planet unexplored. No Man's Sky is an open world sci-fi MMO of infinite scale!

A sandbox without any dedicated objective, yet everything is procedurally generated and you can almost do anything you want. It has FPS elements, it has exploration elements, it has survival elements. If there is a genre called phenomenal, this game perfectly falls into that. However, "phenomenal" would of course be as phenomenal as the understatement it delivers. This game looks even better than Star Citizen. If there is one objective, it's to reach the centre of the universe which is extremely difficult, you will likely start as far away as possible and there is no completing the game. On day one, the star map will be empty, when a player discovers a planet, moon, galaxy or solar system they can share that on the map or keep the information to themselves.

It's a procedurally generated game. Every animal, plant, tree, ocean, cave, ruin, cloud, sun, star, planet, galaxy, structure etc, is procedural. Every planet is unique and every planet is unexplored. The scale of this game is far too big for words to describe, the only things that have an actual size are the planets themselves and the contents of that planet will be completely procedural, the universe is completely infinite. 

Each planet is "Planet-Sized" and will roughly share the same scale of a real planet, however different planets will have different sizes. Even if there are 1 million players on a planet, the likelihood of them meeting each other is extremely slim. Well, imagine there are only two people on Earth, they are not going to be bumping into each other unless by miracle that they happen to be at the same location at the same time, which is incredibly unlikely. Crossing paths is not out of question though. It is an MMO, but it isn't the type of MMO you may be used to. Instead of everyone being crowded together, everyone is spread as far apart as possible in different galaxies etc. Finding other players is remotely possible but is not a priority as players are encouraged to explore.

This game however is not ambient. Danger is imminent, always. The ecology of each planet can be varied ranging from docile to hostile, land, air and marine life. We have seen animals ranging from sharks to dinosaurs, and if dinosaurs exist here, then the marine dinosaurs and other prehistoric "sea monsters" are probably going to be making an appearance in certain aquatic ecosystems. You can run from these animals or kill them, your approach is your decision.

The game also features perma-death, so if you die, you will lose everything. Perhaps you don't want to go looking for other players. If your ship is destroyed, you will be stranded on a planet until you can gather the resources to build a new one. There is no story, no levels no scripted objectives and no random objectives, the universe is your playground and is yours to explore and survive in.

Below you will find two trailers.

Announcement Trailer

E3 2014 Trailer

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The game is going to debut on the PlayStation 4 and will be coming to PC soon after. It may or may not be available for the Xbox One. No Man's Sky is a very ambitious game with an enormous scale, what is your take?

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