HITC’s Top 10 games of E3 2014 (Part Two)

Uncharted 4 Nate Drake

The concluding part of our top ten games shown at E3 2014

There were loads of great games showing at E3 this year and its hard to pick out just 10, but here’s five more games that tantalized us that we’re expecting will be massive. Head over here for the first part of our E3 top ten.

The Legend Of Zelda

Nintendo pulled out some great looking Wii U titles not least the cel-shaded, anime-styled new Zelda game due in 2015. From what we’ve seen and what Nintendo are saying the game is going to take you to an expansive free-roaming Hyrule bringing the legendary Zelda games into grand new pastures.


Far Cry 4

Due to arrive in November Far Cry 4 is bringing its highly regarded gameplay to a beautifully rendered expansive Himalayan setting with a deliciously sinister enemy boss. Far cry is using the mountain back-drop to give a wealth of vertical gameplay options and more wingsuit jumping action. There’ll also be drive and shoot mechanics and dare devil driving takedowns. For this and more check out the video below.


Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog’s next installment in the Uncharted series will be bringing back Nathan Drake possibly for the last time if the title is anything to go on. This PS4 exclusive will bring the popular front man scrambling, running and gunning and smart-cracking into the new generation we’re hoping with some new tweaks to the gameplay to make it an experience worthy of the new gen tag.


Batman: Arkham Knight

Ever since we got to be Batman in Arkham Asylum (and it properly did feel like you were) the game has been crying out for more of Bats trustworthy ride and in the new game you’re getting to play with the Batmobile in an expansive GTA-esque sandbox.The latest Batman installment from Rocksteady, although already delayed, is one we’re still gunning for and the E3 footage we’ve seen is still promising greatness.



We love From Software’s combination of difficult controls and gloriously visceral combat and were very keen for Project Beast to be a reality and it is. Bloodborne, another PS4 exclusive is looking like Dark Souls meets Resident Evil with a generous splattering of gore-drench action as you purge the city of Yharnam from its cursed inhabitants.


That’s the ten games we’re getting most excited aout from E3. There are so many more though. We haven’t mentioned Destiny, this we fully expect to be huge and may well have a lasting effect on future FPS games, neither have we mentioned FIFA 15, the new Tomb Raider game or Assassin’s Creed: Unity and what of the next Metal Gear Solid game, Battlefield Hardline, and the entries in the CoD and Halo franchises.

We’d be interested to hear what games have got you most excited following this years E3. Please feel free to drop us a comment about any of the games we’ve mentioned or those we haven’t

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