HITC’s Uncharted 4 wishlist

Uncharted 4 Cover

Sony have let the Uncharted 4 cat out of the bag at E3.with the next Uncharted coming in 2015. Here some of the changes we're hoping to see.

The Uncharted games from the  early days of the PS3 have always shone on the console and now Naughty Dog’s epic treasure hunting adventure is getting its chance to shine at new intensities with its outing on PS4.

With Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception things did go a little off the boil for the Uncharted games however. Gameplay-wise things haven’t changed a great deal with Uncharted and there was an underwhelming predictability to some of the action. As the Uncharted games have evolved they’ve become more cinematic and it felt like some of the set pieces were shoe-horned in. Uncharted is definitly a great series though and one much loved at HITC. Here’s some things we think Naughty Dog should be thinking about for Uncharted 4.

An end boss battle.

Uncharted 3 phased out the epic end boss battles in the previous games in favour of a cinematic sequence ending in a pretty straightforward bit of melee. Compared to the grenade frenzy boss fight in Among Thieves the ending was all too swift and well, less epic. You’ve got to have a decent end boss battle right?

More sandboxy levels.

Of course the linear filmic style of Uncharted relies on you reaching set points to continue the story. All too often though shootouts in Uncharted have you running through a series of cover points. We think it would be good in big set piece fights that things could be a bit more open and free-roaming giving you more options to approach the action. Maybe even giving you perks instead of trophies for performing 5 silent takedowns etc. Infact a customisation system wouldn’t go amiss at all.

More puzzles.

This could go hand-in-hand with more open levels. The puzzles are a great part of Uncharted and they’ve always been beautifully presented but again are attached to the linear schematic. We think it would be good to combine the treasure collecting aspect with side puzzles, that for instance could open up secret bits of level to get at hidden treasures that Nate could also shimmy through to flank enemies.

More Moves.

Drake is a master climber but his moves haven’t changed much at all through the series. His fish slapping melee antics in Drake's Deception added a bit of slapstick to the proceedings and the ‘clamber up conveniently obtruding ledges’ gameplay has always been enjoyable and perfectly functional but how about a few parkour elements or maybe take some cues from Assassin’s Creed and have him climbing up trees and running along walls.

Uncharted 4 Nate Drake


More over the top multiplayer.

For a game so focused on the single player the multiplayer modes that started coming with Uncharted 2 have all been fun but tacked on as they are, not particularly fine tuned. We’d like to see more of Uncharted's cinematic set pieces in the multiplayer battles which could again be used to open up bits of map or even have the action moving through different environments. You could be having a shootout on a train that then crashes with you all spilling out onto a mountain side. Co-op play is a big thing with  games coming out for the new generation and it would be great to have some co-op missions. You could have a set piece where one of you is driving a truck with the other firing off grenades at the enemy Battlefield style although we may be getting ahead of ourselves.

A point to the treasures.

Nathan Drake has always had a passion for those archaic trinkets but collecting them has never been more than a completionist mission allowing you to see murky corners of Naughty Dog’s shiny levels. It was be better if there was a value other than trophy collection to the treasures. What if you could trade them in for upgrades or collect certain corresponding treasures to unlock game modes or content?

There’s a few of the ideas we’ve had about Uncharted 4. One thing we’ve left out which we’ve seen some discussing is the idea of drilling down a bit through Nate’s chirpy exterior. With the Last of Us Naughty Dog showed they can make a story driven game a lot more gritty and believable. Would digging up some of his darker stories and getting in his psyche be something you’d like to see or do you think it would detract too much from the Boy’s Own rip-roaring Indiana Jones style treatment? This is one we’re undecided on what are your thoughts?


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