Classic games that we’d love to see in HD

Shadow of the beast cover

HITC’s nostalgia quest for great old games continues with some more titles we'd like to see brought back for the new generation.

HD comebacks are quite the fashion at the moment, already this year Strider and Worms hit 8th gen with Abe’s Oddysee and Tetris poised to join them in 2014. With talk of Sony working on up-scaling PS1/PS2 game emulation for the PS4 the HD remakes floodgates may well soon burst open. And why not bring back the old games? A lot of them had absolutely nothing wrong with them. Here’s five more games we at HITC would like to see make an HD comeback.

Micro Machines

At the time Codemasters’ frenzied, stop-start, top-down 2D racer did a great job of breathing life into 2D racers. The local multiplayer could get fiercely competitive and the online functionality we have now makes bringing this gameplay online look pretty straightforward. The unconventional ‘domestic’ themed tracks could be great with an HD touch up. Bring back Micro Machines again and it may well breathe life into 2D racers a second time, how many popular top down 2D racers are there out for 8th gen?

GoldenEye 007

The first and last really good 007 game and arguably the only film tie-in that wasn’t total pants. Golden Eye was a game that kept N64 cool when PS1 was starting to change the console landscape. From the increasing skill curve and missions in the story mode to the well balanced 4 player split screen Golden Eye was a very well crafted FPS and one that accumlatively the games writers at HITC have spent an unhealthy amount of time playing!

Shadow of the Beast

This one is a little more than just wishful thinking as it’s already been announced Shadow of the Beast is making an exclusive PS4 comeback although not much has been seen as yet. This was a hugely popular platformer when it landed in the Amiga, great atmospherics, great music, excellent style and some hardcore gameplay made Shadow of the Beast a stand-out game and it’s coming back! We wonder if the HD revamp will remain true to the original hilarious foot-punching end boss fight. Below is how the 8th gen beast is going to look.


Xenon 2 Megablast

The Bitmap Brothers were once a dominant force in game-land and the love for their games is still going, there’s a Speedball 2 HD game already over on steam (arguably the Bitmap's best title). Xenon 2 was a huge sci-fi shooter back in the Amiga/Atari days with great graphics and music from Tim Simenon’s Bomb the Bass. A game like R-type which stands out as influential in the evolution of 2D shooters we’d love to play this one again just for the ridiculous power-ups.

Monkey Island

Ron Gilbert’s legendary humorous graphical adventures of Guybrush and LeChuck were kept alive in the last generation with special edition bundles and a Telltale games series (which did get an HD version for the iPad). Since then there’s been a fair amount of pessimism for the Monkey Island to make another comeback. Telltale didn’t get the rights to do a second series from original publishers LucasArts and with Disney’s buy out of LucasArts in 2012 Monkey Island’s pirate-theme’s been overshadowed by Pirates of the Caribbean, although it was reported at the time that Gilbert was approaching Disney to get the rights back and “make the game I want to make”. We live in hope.

That’s more of the games we’d like to see being brought out again. There’s dozens more we can think of so we’ll be bigging some more old games up soon enough and there's some more HD comebacks we've already pondered over here. In the meantime we’re keen to find out what classic games our readers would like to see getting a whack from the HD stick for the latest console powerhouses and tweaked-out PCs. Leave us a comment below and we might include your choice in our series. Are there any glaring omissions to our HD remakes wishlist?

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