5 amazing Dreamcast indie games that came out after Sega ended support

Thought the Dreamcast was dead? Think again! Here's 5 great games to look out for that came after the demise of the console.

The Dreamcast, Sega’s last hardware hope may be a mere footnote in gaming history for many but for some it never died and a few dedicated developers have continued to make games and push the limits of what this great console can do.

Here are 5 great Dreamcast games that are worthy of your time:

Rush Rush Rally Racing

German based Redspot Games published this great top down racer back in 2009 and it’s a great game with varied tracks and secret routes. Think of this as a cross between classics such as Micro Machines on the Megadrive, the Neo-Geo’s Thrash Rally and the Amiga racer Super Skidmarks (definitely a pun intended there!). Rush Rush Rally Racing also utilises the Dreamcasts four controller ports making for great social and competitive racing.


Sturmwind is a fantastic looking side scrolling shoot em up and feature 16 varied levels of action and 20 bosses, enough to keep any schmup fan satisfied. The level of detail in the game is phenominal and goes to show that the Dreamcast whilst having lots of 3D polygon heavy games on it during its official life is just as good at pulling off 2D games. This is another game from Redspot and came out in a limited edition pack that collectors are sure to clamour over as times goes on.


Do you remember Turrican? If so then you’ll probably enjoy Gunlord. The game is set over nine huge levels to explore and each level contains a whole host of relentless baddies who will be firing at you from all angles. Gunlord also has 16 Bit style hand drawn graphics and no slowdown. This game also came out on the Neo-Geo where it commands a huge price tag.

Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles

So you thought it was just manic 2D shooters that have come out in the Dreamcast’s afterlife. This arcade puzzle game from Costa Rican developers Yuan Works adds RPG elements to the puzzle action based on the elements. Players can expect around 30 hours of gameplay with this addictive puzzle game. If you have a Gamepark GP2X handheld then you can also get it on this too.


We reported on this a while ago (read about this here) This shooter developed by NG:Dev Team also came out on the Neo-Geo (hence the Neo in the title we presume? You can expect the usual manic, super sharp reflexes action and a clever score attack system as you pilot your craft to take out waves of enemies and huge bosses.


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