It’s been revealed Pac-Man will be on the roster for Super Smash Bros along with Mr. Game & Watch.

The Super Smash Bros verve for bringing in legendary games characters is being extended to include Pac-Man. The iconic dot munching maze crawling circle’s inclusion in Nintendo’s upcoming fighter was revealed by game director Masahiro Sakurai at a Smash Bros Invitational event in Los Angeles.

Following the reveal Nintendo wrote on Twitter, “Pac-Man has some interesting abilities like throwing fruit and eating power pellets,” A video showing off Pac-Man is showing that he’ll appear in 3D form switching to his original 2D form with some of his moves. He can also summon up ghosts from the pacman game for some of his attacks and has a handy ‘side-stepping’ roll-around move that lets him get behind opponents.


The trailer also reveals that Mr. Game & Watch, the mascot of Nintendo’s early Game & Watch handheld games will be returning to Super Smash Bros.

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