Star Fox poised to make a WIi U comeback

Starfox Logo E3

Nintendo reveal Shigeru Miyamoto is bringing Star fox back along with two brand new titles.

After laying dormant for some eight years the Star Fox series is to be revitalised with Nintendo bringing the classic 3D sci-fi shooter to the Wii U in 2015. The announcement came at Nintendo’s E3 digital event along with the news that Star Fox creator and Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto (the man behind Mario) has two new games, Project Giant Robot and Project Guard also in the pipeline.

The new Star Fox game will be making use of the Wii U’s GamePad to provide a first person view of the cockpit with players using the motion controls to steer. On the fly you’ll be able to switch between the Arwing and the Landmaster tank to take out ground targets. The Wii U Star Fox game will also bring in a new helicopter than can send out a robot

Below is a photo from the E3 Star Fox demo.

Starfox E3 demo



Like Star Fox the new working title Project Giant Robot uses the Wii U’s GamePad in a dual first person view/controller setup. In the game you take control, as the name suggests, of massive robots that tower over skyscrapers in a bid to knock over your opponents goliath. By tilting the gamepad back and forth you atempt to steady your robot whilst using the analogue sticks to attack.

in Project Guard players take control of a series of cameras to defend a base against a robot invasion using the GamePad as a map. The game is intended to bring in audience participation as some attacking robots will only be visible on screen, “As the game progresses, things become quite hectic, and it can be difficult to keep track of the onslaught of enemies infiltrating your base.” say Nintendo, “This is where the audience comes in. People watching on the TV screen can assist you by yelling helpful tips. This intense game-play action, audience interaction and dynamic interplay between the TV and GamePad make Project Guard a unique game only possible on the Wii U console.”

Project Giant Robot it set to be released in the first half of 2015 with Project Guard also coming sometime next year.

What do you make of the trio of Shigeru Miyamoto titles hitting the Wii U next year? Do you think the new games will bring something innovative to the WIi U to set it apart from PS4 and Xbox One? Is Star Fox a game you’re pleased to see coming back? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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