5 reasons why you don't need to Jailbreak iOS 8

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When Apple showed us iOS 8 last week they introduced new features that could soon make the need to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod obsolete.

With every new iOS update there has been a corresponding third-party Jailbreak, it's the way it has been since the birth of iOS. When the iPhone was missing a feature deemed crucial by its users there was always an option to add that feature on via a Jailbreak.

But now we are at the eighth iteration of iOS and with more and more features being added with every update Jailbreaking is become unnecessary for most users.

There will always be those who continue to Jailbreak for their love of the extreme modifications that it can bring, but those who do it for the little tweaks may not need to do so much longer. Here are 5 reasons why you do not have to Jailbreak iOS 8:

1) QuickReply is finally here

This is possibly the most in-demand feature that has been missing from iOS until now. When you get a message or notification in iOS 8 you can now simply slide down to quickly interact with it.

Until now a Cydia application called Auki has been filling the QuickReply void, but now Apple is bringing the feature to iOS 8 there is little reason to use the Jailbreak modification.

2) You can now install a third-party keyboard

Another feature that's highly popular with the Jailbreakers is replacing the stock keyboard with a third-party option. Now though Apple is allowing you to install different keyboards without compromising the security of your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

3) Developers now have access to Touch ID's API

The possible uses for Touch ID could be about to increase immensely now that app developers will have access to the feature's application programming interface.

This will mean that developers for apps like Facebook, Twitter or even banking apps will be able to integrate the fingerprint scanner into their own application, thus negating the need for you to use a password.

PayPal has already revealed it is keen on building the technology into their mobile payment service.

4) iOS 8 brings Favourite and Recent contacts to the multi-tasking screen

In iOS 7 there is currently a Jailbreak widget that allows you to view and interact with your favourite and recent contact in the notification centre.

Now Apple has made that feature redundant by implementing their own version into iOS 8. When you double click the home button in iOS 8 you will still see the apps you have open, but on top of those will be your favourite and most recently used contacts in small circles.

Tapping onto a contact will open up the option to call, message or FaceTime that person.

5) Widgets

iOS 8 also brings widgets to your notification centre, so soon enough you'll be able to see small bits of information just by swiping down your screen.