Colour, more colour, and mutants: Sunset Overdrive E3 trailer and demo

Sunset Overdrive E3 Herker 1

The Insomniac Games Xbox exclusive title, Sunset Overdrive, got some air-time over at the Microsoft E3 press conference yesterday with a new trailer.

If it’s one thing that’s going to bring Xbox One back into the race for best console, it’s games, exclusive games help too. Sunset Overdrive is the whacky new title from Insomniac games, and it’s exclusive to Xbox One.

Along with a new trailer for the game, CEO of Insomniac, Ted Price, was on hand at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference to show off a gameplay demo. Plenty of running and gunning is to be seen in this colour-fest, along with a battle against one of the larger mutants, a Herker. The game was also revealed to include a ‘Choas Squad’ mode for up to 8 players on dedicated servers. Sunset Overdrive is due to launch on 28 October 2014. Check out the new trailer and gameplay footage below and let us know what you think.




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