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This is Men’s Health Week. Many people wonder why we focus specifically on men’s health....surely health is important to us all. It’s because men are much less likely to monitor their health than women and they’re less inclined to seek help when they need it, in the hope the problem will go away.

This is truer still for common mental health problems like stress or depression. Here the combination of stigma and the cultural expectations that make men feel they always need to be strong, form a powerful discouragement from seeking help.

However this may be changing. We’ve had a number of cases of prominent male figures from the financial sector admitting to suffering from stress and the world of sport has also thrown up similar cases, with Jonathan Trott being only the most recent.

If this does represent a turning point then its very welcome. The demands of the modern workplace and our complex personal lives mean that there are more life pressures to deal with than ever.

So, whether it’s developing stress coping strategies such as exercising or meditation or talking to a counsellor, don’t wait too long. It’s really important that men seek help when their problems are at an early stage.....they’re easier to deal with and less likely to become serious.

The Bank Workers Charity has a range of information on mental health, including guides on managing stress, understanding depression or looking after your wellbeing.

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