Drone swarm and spider-tank - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare E3 demo

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare E3 Screen 1

At the E3 Microsoft Press Conference more exclusivity was announced in the form of CoD: AW DLC being on Xbox One first.

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference geared itself up with a 9 min gameplay demo for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. All DLC content will have timed-exclusivity with Xbox first too, so that’s good, right? OK.

The gameplay demo runs through the ‘Induction’ level of the campaign and shows the staple CoD gameplay, but with some slight twists. The vid kicks off with you and three other soldiers in what looks to be a drop-pod, and unfortunately your landing isn’t too smooth. You’re fine though, and you then proceed to walk, run, and walk some more around a city under siege.

The graphics look impressive, especially the facial animations. There are a few elements that look interesting, such as jet packs, a laser rifle, and grenades that ‘paint’ enemies with digital red pixels so you can see where they are. Oh, and there’s a swarm of drones that move about like sentinels from The Matrix movies! Take a look at the gameplay demo below.

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