No that’s not an extra digit in the price. This is the exclusive world of Neo Geo where only 99 LE copies will be made available. Collectors line up now.

The Neo Geo, the iconic powerhouse console that has some of the most expensive games ever made has a brand new game coming out for it ten years after the last official release came out for it.

The game is Razion and hails from developers and publishers NG.Dev Team who have been pumping out Games for the Neo Geo and Dreamcast for years and it looks amazing considering the age of the 16 Bit hardware its on!

The 1560 megabit cartridge is for the Neo Geo MVS (Multi Video System) which is the arcade version of the mighty home console. Razion is crammed full of pre rendered 16 bit graphics and in classic shoot em up style has a great stereo soundtrack too. This game pushes the system to its limit and comparisons can be done with Blazing Star which has a similar graphical and gameplay style.

The game boasts six varied stages, six huge end bosses, seven sub bosses 2 game modes, ‘Novice’ and ‘Normal’ which the developer has stated as being quite manic.

Naturally being true to Neo Geo games it comes with a price tag of €449 which could get you a PS4 or Xbox One but collectors won’t really care about the price because this limited produced game which has custom made boards and is hand built will only appreciate in value as time goes on. However you might get lucky and see it in an arcade at some point if your lucky.

You can pre-order the game direct from their on-line store here. the game is out later in the Autumn.

We’re not sure if it will work with an MVS converter for the home console. If in doubt, ask the developer.

Here’s the game in action and as you can see it pushes the 25 year old arcade system to its limit.

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