Jenius Social is an exciting new food and drink social hub that hosts a smorgasbord of daily food adventures.

They range from supper clubs, cookery classes and experiences, to special events with industry experts and top food producers from around the UK. Jenius Social also features an on-site deli and shop filled with an array of hand-picked food, plus a selection of kitchen accessories to enable foodies to recreate new talents at home.

I caught up with Jennifer to understand a little bit more about what she is working toward.

Hi Jennifer! So tell me, how did you make the transition from a banking project manager to hip food hub in Islington?

Hi Walton! I wanted to create a space where people could connect and socialise through a variety of food events such as cookery classes, supper clubs and masterclasses. I couldn’t find anything like this under one roof, so I thought I’ll just start one.

Is there anything that you miss about banking?

A lot of my friends still work in banking and I miss meeting up with them after work for drinks. The benefit of working in a big company is that all the support systems, such as HR and logistics, are already established,  so things can happen very quickly most of the time. In a small company, you pretty much have to do these things yourself.

You describe Jenius Social as a ‘smorgasboard (nice play on words there) of adventures’ – which sounds fun, but perhaps is confusing. What’s going to get Joe Public through your door, and what can they expect?

Our business is all about providing a fun, sociable and educational food experience for all of our guests. When they come to Jenius Social, I want them to have a great time, meet new people, and leave feeling they have learnt something new about food. And hopefully they will be able to impress their friends at their next dinner party, too.

Speaking of food, Islington is a foodie hub – do you have any local favourites you can recommend?

I love The Angelic…it is such a chill out place to hang out at on the weekends. For cocktails, I can’t go past House of Wolf without a visit, and I love the Sunday roast at The Pig and Butcher.

Finally I’ve got a notoriously sweet tooth, while my wife is a bit of a cocktail connoisseur. What does Jenius Social have to offer a couple of fanatical food and drinksters?

You will love our desserts and pastries courses – we have so many on our schedule, ranging from classic French desserts to macaroons, to learning how to make dainty desserts that will definitely impress your friends and family.

For your wife, we do have a cocktail making course, but unfortunately, it’s a dating night aimed at all the singletons. We will put a professional cocktail making course together very soon, though.

Thank you Jennifer, I’m sure it will be a great success, and I’m looking forward to checking out those courses!

Great, we hope to see you at Jenius Social soon.

As an opening month offer we are running 25% off all of our events, courses and classes until 21st June.

We are also encouraging people to sign up to our mailing list for a chance to win £500 to spend at Jenius Social:

Nb: we are unable to discount any events, or courses hosted by our external partners.