Classic games that we’d love to see in HD

Streets Of Rage

Here’s the first part of our series on timeless games that deserve a remake or update in glorious HD! You never know they just might remake them!

There have been some fantastic franchises that have captivated gamers and won high review scores and accolades in every console generation. Here are some of those classics that we hope one day will be remade in HD or just given a shiny update.

Desert Strike

This Gulf War themed isometric shooter and its follow on games from EA would definitely benefit from a shiny HD. It still plays superbly just like the day it came out back in the early 90’s first on the Sega Megadrive and then on most other consoles and computers later on. The series fizzled out towards the end of the original Playstation’s life and I for one would love to see a remake of this real world thinking man’s shoot em up.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 was one of the launch titles for the Nintendo N64 back in 1996 and the only thing that would to be improved upon is the graphics as gameplay wise its spot on (well the camera could do with a tweak here and there). This set the benchmark for all other 3D platform games from then on. Literally change the flat textures for HD graphics and a new generation gets an instant classic.

UFO: Enemy Unknown

Don’t confuse this with the newer XCOM titles. This is the original from 1994 and is still played today by legions of fans the world over, many of whom just want an HD update as thanks to the random level generator and engrossing turn based combat it plays differently every time you play it. Even now the thought of an Ethereal mind controlling your last solider on the battlefield induces a fear those that have played it will know about. This would be amazing on touch screen devices.

Streets of Rage 2

Streets of Rage has had a few fan made remakes done (Streets of Rage Remake is well worth checking out) but gamers have been petitioning Sega for a long time to make another one, us included. If we had to just made do with a remake then the pinnacle game of the trilogy, Streets of Rage 2 would be our choice for a remake or Sega, if your reading this just make Streets of Rage 4.

It Came From The Desert

This game from Cinemaware is best played on the Amiga and it is a great game with a brilliant B-Movie plot of a small Nevada town cut off from a meteor crash during the 1950’s and giant ants invading the town. With a few tweaks here and there and an HD graphics and sound update this could be another retro classic that gets a new generation of fans. The 1989 update Antheads would be a worthy addition to any remake too. Again it would be great for a touch screen device.

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