BBC to stream three World Cup matches in 4K

Hulk playing for Brazil

The UK broadcaster revealed it will be testing in-house streams of three World Cup matches in Ultra High-Definition (UHD).

BBC's streams unfortunately won't be broadcast to the public, the company are keeping all early trials in-house at their research and development facility, but this is a good sign that 4K broadcasting might not be too far off for the UK.

The trial will be a real test for the company's steaming capabilities; getting 4K, which is four times the quality of 1080p, from Brazil to the UK is bound to put stress on their networking abilities.

The matches to be displayed in 4K will include at least a quarter-final and the World Cup final itself. The Beeb claim that they will be testing UHD on both Digital terrestrial TV and broadband.

BBC Research and Development, Matthew Postgate said: "The trials will prove hugely valuable in furthering our understanding of UHD technology, and potential distribution models for the future."

Although relatively new technology companies across the world have been testing and developing 4K capable TV sets for some time now.

Samsung and LG both have 4K ready TVs available to purchase, but they won't come cheap. To pick one up you'll have to pay a minimum of £2300.

There isn't too much content available for UHD just yet, Netflix are offering their hit shows Breaking Bad and House of Cards in 4K, but they are the only ones thus far.

A possible stumbling block is the need for users to have a fibre-optic Internet connection with a minimum download speed of around 20Mbps for the service to run smoothly.