Donald Sterling being sued for sexual harassment by former employee

The disgraced former Clippers owner faces yet more trouble.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday by Maiko Maya King, acquired by the Hollywood Reporter, Sterling is being accused of aiming a “steady stream of racially and sexually offensive comments" at Ms. King, who used to work as Sterling’s assistant.

King is also claiming that she and Sterling were involved in a romantic relationship between 2005 and 2011.

This lawsuit comes just weeks after Sterling was banned from the NBA for life after being caught on tape making racist remarks.

Despite his estranged wife Shelly Sterling agreeing to sell the Clippers for a reported $2 billion to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Donald Sterling is suing the NBA for forcing him to sell the club.

King has made numerous allegations regarding Sterling’s behaviour, claiming that he would withhold her wages for unjust reasons and make racist remarks. 

While it did not seem that Sterling’s reputation could sink much lower, these accusations, if proven, would certainly confirm the shared sentiment that Sterling belongs nowhere near the NBA.