Dreamcast console set to get new RPG after securing publisher


Sega’s Dreamcast never dies with a new RPG securing a publishing deal.

Sega’s Dreamcast just keeps going on and on with the recent announcement of Elysian Shadows, an indie RPG fusing aspects of 16-bit classics like Zelda and Landstalker and Secret of Mana with the addition of modern lighting and sound.

The game, created by a team of developers called Elysian Shadows Team and it will be published by Watermelon Co. who are the studio behind Pier Solar for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis along with the HD update of the same gam for the Dreamcast,

The publisher is committed to producing high-quality physical releases for retro gamers and will come complete with jewel cases, instruction manuals, and professionally pressed discs complete with deluxe packaging so will be an ideal addition to any retro collectors Dreamcast collection.

It’s great to see classic consoles still getting releases even if they are unofficial (its been over 10 years since the last official release). Sega fans can rejoice that they are going to get a new game in the near future. If you’re one those fans you might want to go and dig your Dreamcast out of the loft and maybe join their Kickstarter campaign later on in the summer.

Check out their website here to see where there currently at with development along with details of their Kickstarter campaign.

If you don’t have a Dreamcast then don’t worry its will also be coming out for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Ouya.

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