Kholat - Survival Experience meets true to life murder investigation.

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Kholat is based off of an unexplained disaster that killed 9 Russian skiers in horrific ways. Read on to find out more about this game now on PC and Mac.

What is Kholat? What events is this horror based based on?

Well, Kholat is a horror experience based on one of the most shocking, unexplained disasters in modern history. The event is known as The Dyatlov Pass Incident. The 9 hikers that were killed in ways beyond explanation have been found, but the cause of death remains completely unknown.

"Kholat" is a reference to Kholat Syakhl, "Dead Mountain" which is located in the Ural Mountains. It is a desert area nearly completely devoid of life and experiences extreme weather patterns. 

1959, 10 University students embarked on a wintery journey into the Ural mountains in hope of reaching "Mt Ortoten" Otorten translates in the local language to "do not go there" common superstition? Something wasn't right...

4 days into the journey, exceeding temperatures of −30 °C, the destructive weather had forced the hikers to camp at a nearby mountain, Kholat Syakhl. It was only shortly after then that hikers had ripped their way out from the inside of the tent using a knife and proceeded without many clothes into heavy snow leaving a lot of gear behind. Nothing from the outside has approached them.

Something had caused these hikers to run in fear of their lives. The expedition was doomed since the beginning.

The 9 hikers had been found dead by the soviet military rescue team dispatched to find them. The cause of death was publicly recognized as a compelling natural force, however later autopsies revealed that the cold was not responsible, infact some of the victims had been burned...

When the first 5 bodies were found, autopsies revealed no physical damage to the bodies and it was concluded that hypothermia was the cause of death. One thing that remains slightly suspicious was the fact that the chief investigator did not believe that the cold was responsible and was shortly "resigned from his role in the inquisition, the authorities did not want these discoveries available to the knowledge of the public.

However, when 5 more bodies were discovered in May 1959, the cause of death was unexplained and the bodies had clearly been mutilated by something, the injuries sustained were not caused by human or animal. Some of the bodies were severely burned, many of them had orange colored skin and had caught radiation poisoning, the clothes were incredibly radioactive. The hikers had also significantly aged.

One of the woman was absent of several parts of her face, missing her tongue, eyes, part of the lips, facial tissue and a fragment of skullbone. A couple of the other hikers had austere internal damage to the chest and ribs, equivalent to the damage caused by being hit by a speeding car or being crushed by an incredibly large amount of pressure, there were no exterior wounds. Two others had fractured skullls and had sustained a lot of damage to their heads, again, no exterior wounds. What on earth could have caused this?

Several later reports revealed that an avalanche could have caused the death, but the avalanche simply could't explain the radioactivity nor the mutilation of one of the hikers. Whatever had killed the hikers had been incredibly selective and had made no impact or damage on the environment, the tracks had remained completely intact which led to the discovery of the final bodies.

In addition to this, orange orbs had been witnessed floating in the sky by hundreds of locals including the military and meteorology service. The missiles were confirmed by the authorities to be intercontinental R-7 missiles, however, since they were only witnessed during the exact time of death on the day of the disaster, suspicions have been further raised significantly.

The event is now under investigation as a potential murder. In the absence of a guilty individual or party the investigation remains unsolved, but experimental weapon testing, extra-terrestrial forces, supernatural occurrences simply cannot be ruled out due to the sheer lack of explanation.

Yury, Yudin was the only survivor and had turned back days before the disaster due to sickness. Little was he aware that his sickness had infact saved his life.

Kholat is an adventure-horror game inspired by true event known as Dyatlov Pass incident. This is the basis of the plot to the game which will reflect the events that happened to the hikers in 1959. We don't know much about the game itself, but we have a heap ton of information about the event it is based off which will hopefully cast some light on the game and what it is about.

The game is going to feature a fear manager, an in game tension tool, a self made story inspired by the events, a map, a compass and a lot of background information to discover. The objective is to find out what happened. Are you going to survive? If done correctly, this could be one of the creepiest horror games you will play.

Here's the trailer:

The game is Greenlit on Steam and Available for PC and Mac, it will probably end up on the PS4 soon enough aswell so keep your eyes peeled.

Will this make a good horror game? Have you heard of The Dyatlov Pass Incident before? Do you think we will find any white walkers in the wilderness? Just kidding. Let us know what you think about Kholat!

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