GTA Online upcoming features: VTOLs, Yachts, Horses and Heists!

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Awesome new features will be coming to Grand Theft Auto Online later this year but what exactly are they and is Heist included?

Update 1.13, nore commonly known as the "High Life" update has given us loads more game content to enjoy. However, heists, a feature that was expected to be released this spring, have not been included in the latest updates. The absence of GTA Online's most anticipated feature has left fans of the game wondering, when will we get Heists? Spring is certainly almost over.

Rockstar Games had promised the GTA Community that Heists would be available this spring, now that the summer has arrived Heists have still not made an appearance, It's highly possible that Heists will be revealed at E3 which will commence on June 10-12th and Rockstar Games may also decide to reveal a lot of more content for the later months of 2014 at the annual event.

Recently leaked audio files for GTA V have revealed plans for some rather interesting transport options, both organic and mechanical... Lets see what could be on offer.

Los Santos and Blaine County may lack green countryside and fields, which might tempt people to question whether or not horses will be making an appearance. However, there is a horse racing arena located next to the casino, so it is more than likely that they will be included. As transport options? We wouldn't be able to tell, but horse racing was featured in Red Dead Redemption so it is certainly possible that it will make an appearance in GTA V. Leaked audio files reveal a player escaping police pursuit on a horse, which raises the question, can you steal one?

When we hear the words VTOL, a V-22 Osprey might come to mind for some, for others a highly advanced futuristic assault vehicle. Well, its a possibility but we have something else a bit more familiar in mind. The Hydra Jet, featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was initially confirmed to be making an appearance in the world of GTA.

The Hydra has VTOL functionality and it is likely that this vehicle is is going to be included in the future. Perhaps this is the mystery VTOL, if not, we could be seeing some rather interesting air vehicles...
We could also be seeing the Hunter attack helicopter sometime in the future and it is likely that it will be included in DLC.

The audio files also revealed Yachts which could prove rather interesting. The sea on GTA Online is definitely explorable, but not quite in the depth that it is on GTA V. A Yacht has been featured in one of the GTA V missions and it is a pretty large boat. Could one of these be making an appearance online? Could it be a vehicle or could it be an apartment?

Would we be able to purchase the Yacht and use it as one of these? We can't answer that, because we simply do not know. A Yacht sounds awesome enough though. Scuba Gear could be making an appearance online, perhaps Rockstar may eventually include marine animals.

Los Santos and Blaine County can often feel a bit boring, especially when you have been everywhere and seen everything. There was talk before GTA's launch that Rockstar were planning on adding several other locations to Grand Theft Auto V such as Liberty City, and Rockstar have confirmed this.

It is also possible that San Fierro or Las Venturas could be included. Other notifiable locations such as North Yankton could also be included in the future. Probably not this year however.

After E3, we will hopefully have a lot more information to share, stay tuned and we will keep you updated.

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