New Sony video shows The Order 1886’s rip-roaring gameplay.

The Order 1886, London City

We have a recent stream from Sony showing off some of the action from the upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order 1886.

Sony posted the stream on Friday with some HD gameplay footage from The Order 1886. The video is showing some of the Uncharted-style cover based shooting and some of the weaponry at disposal to Mallory and co.

You are also treated to a cutscene giving a strong sense of the next gen graphics, livening up the character models, the voice acting isn’t half-bad either.

The video is below.. The Order 1886 is currently set to release on PS4 in early 2015


What do you make of the footage from The Order 1886? Do you think this title will enjoy similar praise to that showered on the Uncharted games?

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