Strindberg & Helium: A Love Affair Continues

Strindberg And Helium

Every 18 months or so, something reminds me of the cartoon videos of Strindberg & Helium, and I love them all over again.

Let's not wait: you should click on this link and scroll down to the video called At Home With the Kids.

I came upon them more than a dozen years ago while working in New York. My colleague and I would laugh for ours, and in the years that followed, I introduced the videos to all of my friends, my boyfriends, my now-husband, my father.

Now you should click on this link and scroll down to the video called Absinthe and Women.

Every time I revisit them, I bring along my husband, who doesn't think they're that funny. "I just don't find it that funny," he says. "Honey!" I exclaim. "How can you not think the comically morose Strindberg and his pink helium balloon pal, Helium, are not hilarious?" I usually follow that with an attempt at a helium-affected voice saying, "Heeeeelium!" I dissolve into laughter and he rolls his eyes.

It's time to watch In the Park.

Strindberg is so lucky to have a friend like Helium. Helium agrees with him, stays true to him, and sticks by him, no matter what the gothic grump has to say. 

He even delivers a cupcake to him in With Iron and Sulphur.

And now, after years of waiting, there's a new episode. It's called At the Beach, and it's great. As good as the old ones, in fact, since it starts of with Helium swooping down with his trademark "Heeeeelium!" and ends with Strindberg reluctantly agreeing to a game of Marco Polo.

This is one of those things that makes me love the Internet.