Grand Theft Auto V and The Mystery of the Mt. Chilliad Mural (Part One)

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We have investigated a potential connection between Nikola Tesla and Mt. Chilliad which could relate to GTA Vs biggest unsolved mystery.

To begin this article, credit must go to all members of the GTA V community for their significant contributions towards this investigation. "NoughtPointFourLIVE" has several videos on YouTube further expanding upon this theory. Many YouTube Content Creators have spent large amounts of time investigating one of the most obscure and unsolved Easter Eggs to date, be sure to check out all of the current theories and get up-to-date with this investigation. That aside, its time to make haste and get to the good stuff...

There is a lot more than meets the eye in Los Santos and Blaine County. Grand Theft Auto V may seem like a typical crime, third person shooter sandbox at first glance, but deeply hidden in its vast and expansive open world are many sophisticated Easter Eggs which have left players investing hours of time in order to pursue them. One Easter Egg which strikes the attention of most players is the ambiguous pictographic mural located on the top of Mount Chilliad which remains yet to be solved. Many theories have sprung up such as connections with aliens, the illuminati, a conspiracy within the FIB, a Jetpack and many others. However, one of these theories seems to stand out particularly, are several real life coincidences in game marking heavy references to the work of one of science's most iconic figures Nikola Tesla.

Before we continue, the picture below displays the pictograph/mural in which the investigation relates to. It is fairly obscure and doesn't offer many clues regarding the Easter Egg. Certain features of this mural seem to stand out such as the eye shaped object at the top, the lightning shapes and the egg, the UFO and the jetpack in the three boxes at the bottom of the pictograph.

Grand Theft Auto V: Mt Chilliad Pictograph/Mural

Now before we get into the good stuff, lets rinse out the least likely connection. Niko Bellic was the protagonist of Rockstar's previous title Grand Theft Auto IV, several similarities between Niko and Nikola Tesla such as their shared nationality "Serbian-American" and "Nikola" which certain speculators have broken down into "Niko LA", Los Angeles, California being where Grand Theft Auto V is set. These seem to be pretty coincidental. However, we imagine that these are both purely coincidences only or small easter eggs/references at most.

The main investigation takes us first to Galileo Observatory in Los Santos, where an ornamental pillar can be found at the front entrance which seems to share certain similarities with the pictograph. The Galileo Observatory is based off the Griffith Observatory in California, which is known to contain one object which is very significant to the Easter Egg, The Tesla Coil which is an electrical resonant transformer circuit capable of creating artificial lightning.

So what does this have to do with the mural? Well, upon achieving 100% completion of the game, during a thunderstorm at night time, a holographic UFO can be found on top of Mt Chilliad which has led many people to believe that the eye on top of the pictograph represents the UFO, it has also lead to several connections between electricity and the Easter Egg, hence the holographic UFO, the electrical zaps on the mural and the dependence on a thunderstorm for the visibility of the hologram. Since a similar image of the eye and a Tesla Coil are both located at the observatory and the hologram is artificial, it is within reason to connect this in game phenomena with artificial electricity, inevitably resulting in a connection between the mural and the observatory. 

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856, there is a 157 year gap between Tesla's birth and the release of Grand Theft Auto V. When we look further into the number 157, The Epsilon Program claims that the Earth is 157 years old. Furthermore a famous performance of Tesla's was the "Egg of Columbus" which accomplished the feat of "Columbus without cracking the egg". Perhaps this a reference to the egg on the mural. The process was dependent on an electromagnetic field  and the manifestation of force was referred to as a "magnetic cyclone". Could a disruption have cracked the egg in the Mural? There seem to be several disruptions throughout Blaine County, most noticeably the several UFOs dotted around the game.

One of these UFOs is found directly above an alien cultist camp. Tesla was often referenced as a "Space Brother", and to no surprise this message is written in graffiti all around the cultist camp. If this is a reference, well played Rockstar.

What does this have to do with Tesla? Tesla's inventions had influenced new institutions which further contributed towards the understanding of past present and future, he reshaped human understanding of the inter-dimensional and spiritual design and structure of the planet. As a result of this, many cults began to worship Tesla, including one of the UFO cults in California known as "Unarius".

Some interesting references, but where does this all lead to? A few references could establish a direct connection between the mural and Nikola Tesla who had an obsession with the number 3 and scheduled a work pattern that kept him up beyond 3am, which is likely a reference to the to the events which take place on Mt Chilliad at 3am. A thunderstorm is required to activate the events, Tesla was determined to use his knowledge of science to control the weather and created artificial lightning, another possible connection. The biggest connection however was one of Tesla's discoveries, the "principle of propulsion" which allowed him to build anti-gravity aircraft/spacecraft. There could be a very significant connection between Tesla and the UFOs.

To draw this particular investigation to a halt for the mean time, it is fair to say that even though there are various references to Nikola Tesla throughout the game, the connections with the mural simply do not have enough correspondence.

However, in defence of the theory, the mural is too ambiguous to de-legitimize the potential connection and not enough research has been invested to make a decision, the references surely can't be that of coincidence, so it is also fair to say that there is a strong possibility that they were intentionally included.

We are interested to know what you think, if you are willing to share any of your discoveries we are more than interested to hear. The mystery of Mt. Chiliad is an extremely tough Easter egg to crack which is precisely why it remains unsolved.

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