Hidden stretch goal revealed in Dota 2 Compendium

Dota 2 International 2014 Compendium

Since hitting the $6.4 million USD mark a new hidden stretch goal involving Techies has been revealed in the Dota 2 TI14 Compendium.

Just when you thought those stretch goals couldn’t stretch any further, they do. Since hitting the $6 million USD mark a few days ago, and adding even more goals up to the $10 million USD mark, Valve have also hidden secret goals amongst them.

The current prize pool value is just over the $6.4 million USD mark, and when that mark was hit it revealed a secret hidden stretch goal – the Techies Unusual Taunt. Techies are a yet to be released Hero that has been long-awaited, with little details released as to when they'll be available; the goal states that the taunt item will be “granted to all Compendium Owners when Techies is released after The International.”

Compendium Hiddens Stretch Goals 1


How long after the tournament, we don’t yet know, but at least it gives some indication that the Techies could possibly be the next Hero that is released.

Since adding the further stretch goals the progress of the prize pool has seemed to slow down somewhat. The next stretch goal we can see is number 14, set at $6.8 million USD; Daily Hero Challenge – which rewards players 25 compendium points each day, for winning a match with a Hero chosen for them.

There could well be more hidden rewards amongst the goals, and we’ll update you if and when they’re revealed.


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