SingStar PS4 version on the way with mobile phone mic app

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SingStar PS4 brings in mobile mic app, Clubs and star rating system on the way out.

SingStar’s flourishing community of front-room pop stars will be seeing Sony’s much-loved party game come to next gen with some cool new tech. Taking to the Playstation Blog SCE London have proudly announced that a PS4 SingStar is on its way this year following a decade of Karaoke fun that started back on the PlayStation 2.

"We’re really pleased to announce that SingStar will be coming to PS4 later this year!" Wrote SingStar director Chris Bruce adding, "Not only that but we will be launching a free SingStar app that will transform your smartphone into a microphone. That’s right, no more mics required!"

The free mic companion app for you phone will be compatible with PS3 and PS4 and will be available for iOS and Android devices.The app will also let you remotely set up playlists.

Also coming to the new PS4 SingStar will be some new social sharing tools. You’ll be able to post vids directly to Twitter and Facebook from the game. A new scoring system is also being brought in, which Bruce notes you can use to. “ build up your XP and get rewarded for game activity, or challenge your mates online and entertain (or in some cases disturb) them with your renditions of your favourite songs.”

A new song collection, SingStar: Ultimate Party will also be coming to PS3 and PS4 this year with 30 choice tracks for anyone new to SingStar to get started with.

For existing SingStars rocking their own song collections from over the years the news is that some of the songs at least will work on the PS4 version. When asked if it was necessary to buy tracks again for the PS4 Bruce replied, “If you have already bought the track on PS3, and the song is available on PS4 then you won’t have to pay again.”

HITC have also heard from a trusted SingStar source that Videos and snapshots can be transferred to the PS4 version but support will be ending for audio. SingStar Clubs are also going to be phased out and the star ratings system will be replaced with a new facebook-style ‘Like’ system.

A video heralding the PS4 Singstar announcement is below.

What do you make of the new SingStar, how do you think you'll get on with the Phone Mic app? SingStars on PS3 will you be getting a PS4 to play the new SingStar? Please let us now your thoughts in the comments below.

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