New Batman: Arkham Knight trailer shows awesome Batmobile action

Batman Arkham Knight Screen 5

Finally! the Batman Arkham games will be getting Batman’s slick superhero motor.

A fresh new trailer has arrived giving us a look at some of the much anticipated Batmobile content coming to Rocksteady’s upcoming hero-romp Batman: Arkham Knight.

The video includes gameplay footage of Bats’ infamous wheels speeding about, defying the laws of physics, shooting rockets and remotely rushing up to his side, a mechanic which can be used to allow Batman to land in his car from a glide in-game.

Also included are cuts from the story which centres around a Gotham City evacuated by its citizens. Scarecrow has returned to Gotham to reunite the Rogues Gallery and take Batman down, a pitched war ensues forcing Bats to call on his trusty ride.

The trailer is below. Batman: Arkham Knight is currently set to release on October 14th on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-orders are available now giving you access to DLC including Harley Quinn as a playable character.

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