Destiny pre-orders hit the US PS Store - PS4 pre-loads confirmed


The huge MMO shooter everyone is talking about is readying-up for the beta phase in July and will be the first title to support PS4 pre-loading

Pre-orders are now up on the US PlayStation Store for Bungie’s epic new shooter Destiny. Ordering now will get you access to the beta tests which are set to commence on PS3 and PS4 in July. Activision have stated that Xbox 360 and Xbox One beta access will follow.

According to an earlier report at Destony pre-order will be available to UK gamers but only by going to participating retailers, amongst them: Amazon, Smyths, Tesco and Blockbuster.

Sony have also announced that Destiny will be the first game to support PS4 pre-loads, stating, “Beginning with Destiny, certain pre-ordered titles can be automatically be pre-loaded prior to their release. This lets you rest easy knowing that your game will be ready for play the second its release date hits.”

Pre-load functionality has just been implemented on PS4 with the 1.7 update although big games coming up which were expected to support it such as Watch Dogs won’t be pre-load ready. From the statement above it’s also evident that once Destiny hits PS4 only some games on the PS store will offer pre-loading.

Destiny is set to launch on September 9th on both the PlayStations and the Xboxes with pre-loading becoming available from September 4th on PS4.


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