Photos leak of an 'iPad Pro' prototype

This latest image found on Chinese social network Weibo claims to show what the much rumoured iPad Pro would look like in hand.

The picture below is believed to be an industrial prototype model of a next generation Apple tablet rumoured to be called the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro leak

The image was first discovered by French website; they claim the prototype is a reference for case and accessory manufacturers so they know the exact dimensions to design their own products in.

Although it's difficult to determine from this image the device is rumoured to be a larger and more powerful version of the iPad Air.

If the rumours are to be believed then the device will measure in at 12.9-inches. This is every similar to the size of the 13-inch Macbook Air.

The image clearly shows the Apple logo displayed in the centre of the device's rear, along with a cutout for the camera and a small hole for the microphone just below the top.

After the release of the iPad Air last October many believed that Apple would bring the product in line with their MacBooks.

This would mean the iPad Air would represent the slimmer less powerful tablet and the iPad Pro would be slightly larger and be significantly more powerful.

Last July The Wall Street Journal claimed that Apple was testing screen sizes for the alleged iPad Pro. It's unclear when such a device would be released, but several reliable analysts have reported that a 2015 launch is a possibility.