More big games for PS4 coming this year to look out for.

From the goings on in the PS4 games world we’ve seen some titles delayed, Mad Max and Elder Scrolls Online now look like 2015 releases, and others shrouded in uncertainty come back from the dead, DriveClub, despite long delays is now coming to the UK on October 10th. There’s still plenty more in the pipeline however, read on for some more hotly anticipated PS4 games coming this year that we expect to be taking the console by storm.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – October 7th

BioWare are pulling together elements from both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II for their latest action RPG in the series. Tweaks have been made to the combat to make it more strategic and the tactical view originally only gifted to the PC version of Origins will be brought in for Inquisition on PS4. Customisation will be deeper, the game world larger and game exploration more extensive. Player decisions will have a bigger impact on the storyline and the romance aspect which BioWare will be treating with maturity and good taste no longer relies on gift and dialogue mechanics. There’s fair indication that PS4 gamers are looking for a decent RPG following Spiders’ indie RPG Bound by Flames charting high on PS4 on release and we fully expect Dragon Age: Inquisition to be the next action RPG to cause a stir. For a taste of the epic medieval fantasy action check out the trailer below.


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – October 7th

Joining the PS4 party on the same day as Inquisition comes Monolith’s Tolkien inspired action RPG Shadow of Mordor. A big point of interest included in this game and one that may well stand to have a lasting impact on the action genre is Monolith’s Nemesis AI system. If you fight NPCs in-game and spare them, Nemesis may well have them coming back at you with newfound strength and a taste for revenge. The Nemesis feature had to be scaled down for 7th gen consoles so it’s going to be something for PS4 gamers to get into in more depth. Whatever your stance on the credibility of the Tolkien universe in this game Shadow Of Mordor will be a big graphically spectacular action game with some cool perks, time and again games of this ilk score big, although Shadow of Mordor as yet won’t be bringing multiplayer.


Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty – TBA

We heard recently that the release date announcement for the return of Abe and his Mudokon buddies is coming soon. Overall the tweaks to the celebrated cult classic that first saw the light of day on PS1 are cosmetic but Oddworld Inhabitants want to bring this game back to the masses and if it gets decent sales we may well be treated to a brand new Oddworld game, pulling Abe the unlikely, flatulent hero boldly into the 21st century to platform and puzzle once more. Check out the trailer and get very excited!


Tom Clancy’s The Division – TBA Autumn 2014

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy branded third person shooter is 8th gen and PC only and hugely ambitious to boot. Dubbed as a massively multiplayer online tactical third person shooter, Ubisoft have built their new Snowdrop engine for this game and it’s promising some very high levels of graphical performance and online functionality, thus standing as another possible MMO blockbuster to give PS4 more online clout (see also Destiny). Below is some gameplay action that screams next gen check it out.


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark June 24, 2014

Activision are killing two birds with one stone with Rise of the Dark Spark. Firstly it forms the latest in the Cybertron game series and secondly it’s due to coincide with the next Michael bay film Transformers: Age of Extinction, making this a game sequel and a movie tie-in. The game narrative will be combing the two in a kind of game-film hybrid carrying something of the spirit of the popular morphing robots. In this way Rise of the Dark Spark wants to bring in younger fans getting switched onto the films and older fans less inclined to find the CGI extravaganzas cool but who thought the games were good. There’s a tease of the action below.

E3 is almost upon us and with it the annual fix of new games reveals. We’ll be keeping you posted as to what arises for the PS4 going forward and as ever what new games will be hitting PS4 this year. In the meantime please do leave your comments on any of the games above or to let us know what games you’re most looking forward to.

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